The Role of the Non-Selling Principal     

Perth Real Estate Sales News & Market Insights  |  6 October 2021

When people ask me whether I still list and sell property, my response isn't a simple 'yes or no', so I thought it was a good opportunity to explore the roles of a selling principal versus a coaching principal.

Up until 2 years ago, my 20 years of experience as a real estate principal included my own sales, whether as a solo salesperson or managing a team of reps. While I always enjoyed the leadership and mentoring aspects of the role, the pressure to achieve high personal sales to support the business operations meant I could not perform a fully invested coaching role.

Today, I am involved in all of Xceed's residential sales, albeit in a different capacity. As a 'non-selling' principal, I foster a model of continuous growth across the sales team - from rookies to seasoned & high performing agents.

With regular one-on-one meetings with each rep, I'm able to monitor the progress of every listing, provide guidance and reinforce the steps of the proven sales process I teach the team.  We are constantly looking for opportunities to refine the process further. These analytical sessions help us identify where the steps have been missed and revive listings that may be struggling.

In striving for continuous growth, our statistical ratios are improved by instilling good habits across all areas of managing a property marketing campaign. As a result, we see sustained and improving performances among the high achieving reps and the gap closing between them and the less experienced representatives.

For example, one particular rookie recently achieved the 3rd highest sales commission after just six months. Month to month, the top three reps vary - a strong indication that the growth of our people is being realised across the entire team with none being left behind. 

In summary, as a 'non-selling' principal, my role is to grow, coach and mentor the sales team, while improving processes, individual performance, technology and the company's service offerings.

If Xceed's business model sounds like the right fit for you, contact Jonathan Marlow on 0413 833 332 or email

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