Development Sales Advice

Having completed the sales of many projects over the years and having built some fantastic relationships with developers who will only use me to sell their projects, I am acutely aware of the enormous difference in skill sets required to effectively sell a small or large development. 

Our industry over the years has rewarded the number of listings an agent has as the measurement of success. One of the fatal mistakes a regular agent will make when being employed to handle projects is that they forget the principals of supply and demand completely in the face of being acknowledged amongst the industry for the number of listings they hold. This is just one of the many mistakes an agent who is not fully qualified to handle projects will make. This can lead to a longer period on market resulting in significantly increased holding costs as well as a high likelihood of you achieving a lower average sale price across the whole development.

Call or email me for a confidential discussion about how we can make your current and future projects achieve the success that you deserve. I guarantee that one meeting with me will clearly identify what strategies you can employ to fix things immediately.