Marketing Strategies

We believe that a well thought out marketing strategy is at the heart of every successful outcome. Sadly this will be the area where too many times we witness little or no thought being applied. 

Some elements that must be considered are:

Pricing strategy

Your pricing strategy is the first place to start. Imagine a car manufacturer or a furniture retailer not doing their research on what the likely selling prices will be of their product range before making decisions about how to price their stock on the floor. 

The reality for most of us is that the house we own either as an investment or where we live is likely to be the biggest selling decision we will ever make. Therefore a research based pricing strategy taking into account how our property will compete is imperative in positioning us for success. 

Using no price, a price range, a from price or just a regular asking price needs to be considered carefully. We shouldn't be chopping and changing from one strategy to another and certainly shouldn't have expectations beyond the market place if we are expecting to sell for the best price. As we have mentioned in other pages on this website, the pathway to achieving the best outcome from buyers is to position ourselves where a buyer must compete to buy rather than us competing to sell. This means finding the right expectation to sit behind the statement that we make on price so that buyers become engaged with the property. Talk to one of our experts about how to arrive at the right price or expectation for your home. 


The posture we display when marketing our home is also an important consideration. Adverts that announce the seller must sell or that the seller has reduced their asking price only weakens the sellers position at the negotiating table. 

Any discussion during the showing of your home about your motivation or reason to sell must not be displayed in any way. Incidentally a poorly presented home or an unfinished project around the home can send a message on motivation without you even intending it. The buyer can observe this as a money challenge that is driving the sale. Not a good posture for getting the best price. The words we use in print, or person, and the way we present the home all send messages to the buyer. We need to ensure we are projecting the right message at all times. Find out more from one of our team. 

Website positioning

The major portals will have a lot of say in how well we do on the market. If we are positioning ourselves too far from the front of the listings pages that the buyers are looking at our likelihood of getting enough competition to force a higher price is lessened. Therefore a sufficient enough budget that is planned to ensure we manage the right balance of positioning across enough of the portals will place us in a greatly leveraged position to drive a better result. 

Please note that these are the very basic yet critical areas that you need to ensure attention has been given to if you are to achieve a good result. If you're seriously considering a sale there is a critical discussion we must have with you around all of the other elements that will round out a marketing strategy that provides you with the advantages you deserve when dealing with your most important asset.

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