Considering selling your property?

Selling your property is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. Choosing the right agent to represent you goes far further than the initial interview. The promises at the beginning should not impress you more than the results at the end. Sadly, this is often the case.

Our understanding of this has led to an endless pursuit of excellence to develop training that is unrivaled.

Because of this, we are confident your home is worth more with Xceed.

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How do we make this next step safer for you?

We believe that making your home worth more is not about promises, but about process.

Every stage inclusive of appraisal, marketing, negotiations and settlement must be carefully executed to guide you through to the completion of the sale. We have structured every step to eliminate the chances of human error.

Furthermore, our management team is always looking at ways that we can improve the process to take away the risk for our clients, so you can be assured we will always be employing the best practise possible.


Pricing your home to make buyers compete

The process starts with a thorough analysis of comparable properties that have sold, which properties you will likely compete with and what activity is occurring in the market right now.

Buyers are thoroughly educated as to value today and if you yourselves aren’t, you will be placed at a distinct disadvantage when coming to market.

Your advertised price must stimulate the type of demand that is likely to drive competition amongst buyers.This is the only way to a higher price!


Marketing your home to the right audience in the right way

Our buying power has enabled us to secure the best possible discount for you, to ensure your home is prominently displayed in all the right places.

If your property is not seen, it cannot be bought. Similarly, if the right people are not seeing your home, its value cannot be maximised.

Our experienced team will make sure we have designed a campaign that attracts the right audience.

No stone will be left unturned in the pursuit of the best buyer for your home.


Understanding the hierarchy of buyer engagement

We have spent countless hours in front of potential buyers, negotiating sales and have observed and recorded the patterns of behaviour in buyers when engaged in the pursuit of a property. We know what they are saying (even when they aren’t saying it directly), why they are saying it and what will be important to them to ensure your home is more valuable in their eyes.

Understanding the hierarchy of buyer engagement will enable your Xceed agent to position your property on the market correctly and implement negotiation strategies that will maximise every chance of the sale coming together at the right price.

All of our team regularly learn about this and many other crucial elements of buyer behaviour in order to negotiate any blockages and bring the sale together for you.


Reading the signs and interpreting the feedback

If you have sold before you will know that not every property sells immediately and sometimes things don’t go as planned at the beginning.

We take this very seriously and have tracked the results of thousands of property campaigns both successful and unsuccessful. We have learnt to identify the signs that reveal when changes are necessary to get your sale back on track quickly.

We will ensure you are thoroughly prepared with enough information to make the best decision for you and your family without regrets or doubt.


Negotiating the sale

Negotiating the best outcome for our clients is one of the highest held values of our whole team.

You might be surprised to learn just how many touch points there are in the journey where the agents negotiating skills will come in to play.

It’s been our experience that negotiation opportunities exist in every one of these following steps:

  1. Advertisement copy
  2. Advertisement positioning
  3. In answering the buyers questions on the phone or over email
  4. Advertised frequency of opens
  5. At the open for inspection
  6. At appointments to view
  7. When making an appointment for a second viewing
  8. When making an appointment to write an offer
  9. When negotiating the offer
  10. When presenting a counter offer
  11. When managing sale to settlement


Ensuring your property settles smoothly

No-one likes tension between sale and settlement and many things can go wrong if this stage is not carefully managed.

Today it is standard practise for buyers to insist on third party inspections to verify the overall condition of the property they have just bought. This is where things can go wrong if not managed carefully.

Contracts must be worded carefully to mitigate the risk to you of things going wrong. This is something that requires being aware of all the latest changes to the legislation as it pertains to the sale of a property and being fully aware of all the pitfalls.

You will be happy to know that we have one of Perth’s most experienced teams. Our team has built an unrivalled knowledge base that will enable you to navigate this important transition in your life as smoothly as possible.

Its important during this time that you have an agent that can manage the emotions of all involved in the unforeseen event of a third-party arousing concerns in the buyer.

Our teams conflict resolution skills are vital at this stage to keep the sale progressing without interruption or to get things back on track when they have started to deviate from the desired smooth path we have set at the time of sale.