How can tenants increase their chances of securing a rental property?

Perth Real Estate Property Management News & Market Insights  |  3 March 2021

There's no doubt that the rental market is highly competitive, with many renters feeling disillusioned and frustrated when their applications are declined. So how can tenants maximise their chances of securing a rental property in the current market, where demand exceeds supply?

While property managers are sensitive to tenants' predicament, their goal to secure the best tenant for the landlord/s and have properties vacant for the least possible time, remains to be their top priority. To this end, many property managers rely on state-of-the-art software, which assists in shortlisting applicants, particularly in today's market when hundreds of applications are received each week.

Licensee and head of Property Management at Xceed Real Estate, Daisy Campbell, says;

"Incomplete applications may not make it through this first stage of the shortlisting process, so it's imperative that all fields of an application are completed. Unfortunately, a missing phone number or address may see that application disqualified in favour of a fully completed one."

The shortlisted applicants will have their references contacted, so it's important the people noted on the application know to expect a phone call. This includes:

  • employers
  • current property managers
  • previous property managers
  • personal referees

Xceed's protocol is to send an email questionnaire to the referee, followed by a phone call to confirm the details. The property manager also checks previous addresses against the applicant/s driver's licence and the National Tenancy Database, as it is not uncommon for someone to omit an address if they have had an adverse history, a reason private landlords are often targeted.

Once a successful applicant is selected, they are advised by phone and send an electronic lease to be signed and returned within 24 hours. The property will only be removed from advertising once the lease has been signed and two weeks rent paid in advance.

Due to the short supply, it's not uncommon for tenants to apply for multiple properties, leading to approximately one in ten applications being withdrawn once approved.

Daisy says, "We strongly encourage tenants to provide as much accurate information as possible if they want to have the best chance of securing a property".

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