The Pros and Cons of starting a career in Property Management

Perth Property Management News & Market Insights  |  16 February 2021

If you're considering a career in Property Management, it's essential to have a balanced view of what the job entails.

For every capable and successful Property Manager, many others have left the industry upon learning that it involves far more than property inspections and reference checking.

Those who love variety in their work, thrive under pressure and enjoy problem solving will find a highly rewarding career in property management.

A variety of daily tasks in and out of the office might include:

  • Routine and final bond inspections
  • Showing homes to prospective tenants
  • Account management and administration
  • Liaising with contractors to arrange property maintenance
  • Advertising properties and ensuring they are well-presented
  • Processing applications and screening for suitability
  • Signing leases

Situations vary from day to day, as do the people and properties you will interact with - no two days are the same!

A day rarely goes by where negotiation is not required. Whether mediating a property maintenance dispute or negotiating a property's market value, there are always scenarios where keen negotiation and conflict resolution skills are required.

Sometimes, however, such situations can become highly emotional, and the pressure of managing landlords' and tenants' expectations can be stressful.

A property manager may also attend court hearings where breaches are unresolved, and require the fortitude to advise owners when their properties are poorly presented and require maintenance or improvements.

Someone considering a career as a property manager must also understand there is often extra work required outside of standard business hours. Urgent maintenance, after-hours viewings and a multitude of other scenarios require on-the-ball communication.

Exceptional attention to detail is a must, especially under pressure, as a small mistake can have significant repercussions for all parties.

When deciding who to approach, Real Estate and Property Management companies who provide thorough training, industry-leading resources and career advancement opportunities, should be considered potential employers for a fulfilling career in this rewarding role.

If you're interested in speaking to someone about starting off on the right foot with a career in Property Management, drop us an email at or call us on 9207 2088.

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