How does Xceed's Sales 'TeamWork'?

Perth Real Estate Sales News & Market Insights  |  23 February 2021

We've all heard the expression 'Teamwork makes the dream work', so how does this look for team Xceed Sales?

Xceed Real Estate's sales team operate using a unique model whereby the Principal, Jonathan Marlow, doesn't sell at all.

Having a leader who focuses on mentoring, developing, and managing the team is invaluable in cultivating a collaborative and supportive culture. 

Each team member has a weekly or fortnightly 'one on one' session with Jonathan, where each listing is discussed with the aim of;

  1. attaining the optimal outcome for the seller, and
  2. developing the Sales Rep's skills and competency

Some team members may require process-related 'tweaks', whereas others need a more in-depth mentoring session. In every case, the Sales Representative has the support of Jonathan and the entire Xceed team behind them - from listing through to settlement. This benefits the individual team member and clients, who can rest assured the person they have entrusted with the sale of their property has the backing of an industry leader with over 25 years sales, training, and mentoring experience.

So, what is Xceed Sales about?

One of Xceed Real Estate's mottos is "We didn't come this far, to only come this far." With this in mind, Xceed's key focus is GROWTH, not only in terms of revenue and profit but also in education, methodologies, systems, and individual team members. Accompanying this focus is an unwavering 'attitude of gratitude' where humility is modelled at the company's highest level.

The Xceed Sales team recently celebrated an incredible milestone; not only were the previous quarter's sales targets far exceeded, but every team member achieved personal bests in the 2020 calendar year. One particular team member had recorded 68 sales over the 12 month period, where her previous best was 54! The entire sales team enjoyed a sensational evening at Nobu, Crown Metropol to celebrate the milestones.

Xceed Sale's mentoring business model has gained the industry's attention, with a waitlist of reps, new and experienced, eager to be a part of Xceed's enviable culture.

To find out more about our Sales Team and our unique model, contact Jonathan Marlow on 9207 2088 or send us an email at

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