When does the Negotiation on your Property really start?

Perth Real Estate Sales News & Market Insights  |  27 July 2021

Contrary to what most people think, the negotiation process begins far earlier than the point where a buyer wants to make an offer on a property.

In fact, the point at which a skilled agent employs their negotiation skills is when a listing receives its first buyer enquiry. This is why the wording in a well thought through marketing strategy in a property marketing campaign is critical - it 'sets the scene' in the minds of buyers and can mean the difference between a positive or negative outcome for the sellers.

For example, if a headline states 'Owner Says Sell', this immediately implies that the seller is open to offers beneath the asking price. If buyers perceive that the owners need to sell, that there is a sense of urgency, they are likely to expect a bargain - making the agents' negotiating position weaker.

Similarly, agents must be mindful about managing their tone when taking enquiries and booking inspections with prospective buyers. If an agent appears too eager this may imply desperation on behalf of the seller. A skilled agent will have been taught to manage the way they express themselves in every situation. From answering basic questions through to accommodating buyers requests, the successful agent will avoid using words or a tone that implies any urgency or need on behalf of the seller.

As discussed in an earlier blog, 'Perception Vs Truth', it is essential that agents mindfully manage every interaction in a marketing campaign to achieve the best outcome. By the time a buyer is ready to make an offer, they will be following the lead of the skilled agent who has taken the time to follow a proven process.


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