How does Xceed's Sales 'TeamWork'?

We've all heard the expression 'Teamwork makes the dream work', so how does this look for team Xceed Sales?

Xceed Real Estate's sales team operate using a unique model whereby the Principal, Jonathan Marlow, doesn't sell at all. Having a leader...

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Perth COVID-19 Lockdown

& its effect on Property Management

There’s no doubt that the recent unexpected and very sudden announcement of the Perth lockdown has sent Perth Real Estate agencies into a tailspin, with many left confused as to whether they are still able to go into the office, if offices are to be...

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The rise of "Off-Market Sales"

Are they really in sellers' best interests?

Xceed Real Estate Director of Sales Performance, Jonathan Marlow, recently noticed a post on LinkedIn which caught his attention. A local real estate agent had run a 2-week property campaign that saw 43 groups...

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Using home opens effectively as part of a strategic sales campaign 

A common misconception amongst many agents and sellers is that weekly, scheduled home opens are essential in a property sales campaign. While home opens are useful, it's widely reported in the industry that more often than not, successful sales come from...

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Evicting Tenants during COVID-19

A 6-month moratorium on residential tenancy evictions, from 30th March 2020, became legislated by the McGowan Government within weeks of the announcement.

The laws prevent tenants with incomes adversely affected by COVID-19 from...

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Becoming a Property Manager

The Pros & Cons.

If you're considering a career in Property Management, it's essential to have a balanced view of what the job entails. For every capable and successful Property Manager, many others have...

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How can tenants increase their chances of securing a rental property?

There's no doubt that the rental market is highly competitive, with many renters feeling disillusioned and frustrated when their applications are declined. So how can tenants maximise their chances of securing a rental property in the current market, where... 

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Going to the open market, pays off!

Further to our previous sales blog regarding off-market sales, we'd like to share an example of where taking a listing to the open market achieves the best possible outcome.

In this instance, Adam Whitford, one of Xceed's most accomplished sales... 

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New Year's 2021 Market Insights

The first 6 months of the current financial year have revealed some interesting results in the property space - some expected, and others unprecedented.

Generally, we have observed positive movement; however, not across all market segments. Exceptionally low vacancy rates and...

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