Thinking about renting out your property?

When choosing a company to manage your property, you want comfort in the knowledge that you have appointed the best people for the job.

At Xceed Real Estate our dedicated team of property management professionals are some of the most experienced professionals in their fields.

We have the experience, systems and procedures to help you achieve the best possible result for your property.



Why choose Xceed Real Estate to manage your property?

Our points of different and some things to think about when choosing an agent to manage your property:

  • Coverage
    • Do you have multiple investment properties across Perth? Or maybe you are considering purchasing another investment property which might not be geographically close to your current investment property?
      • Xceed Real Estate is one of the few agencies in Perth that will allow you to keep all of your investments managed under the one roof! This means you don’t have to try and keep track of which property manager is the contact for each property and you don’t need to run around at tax time madly collecting all the paperwork from various property managers to compile it all together. At Xceed Real Estate, we have staff strategically based in multiple locations to ensure your property can be efficiently managed by our company, wherever it is!
    • But shouldn’t the office managing my property be situated close to the investment property you might ask?
      • Back in the good old days, the answer was yes! But today, with the use of sophisticated technology we are able to efficiently and effectively manage property anywhere in Perth. Payment of rent is generally done electronically by bank transfer so there is no longer a need to pop into the office and pay cash! Looking to rent or buy a property? The first place you will look is the internet, not the shop window down the road. Lease agreements or contracts to be signed? We use legislatively compliant electronic signing software which not only reduces the risk of fraud but also ensures the documents are signed twice as quick!
  • Technology
    • We live in a now society and we understand that when you need something, you need it now! We also understand that our landlords are busy people who may not always have time to call the office during work hours to get another copy of that lease agreement or misplaced rental statement. At Xceed Real Estate we have implemented a landlord portal/App which you can access 24/7 from your smart phone or computer. You can access important property documents such as your management authority, lease agreement, tenants property condition report, copies of inspection reports, rental statements and more. You can also check the tenants rental paid-to date, when the next inspection is due and look up the progress of maintenance and repairs which might be occurring at the property. Our tenants also get the benefit of their own version of the app, tailored to suit their needs.
  • Tenant Retention and Appreciation
    • At Xceed Real Estate, we understand how important it is to attract and then retain quality tenants. Which is why we provide all our new tenants with a fruit & veggie hamper delivered to their door after moving in to get them started – paid for by us! And if that wasn’t enough, we also offer all new tenants renting with Xceed a month’s free gym membership to a gym local to their new property! This not only helps show them we care but it also assists in the leasing process and provides added value to your property which you don’t need to pay a cent for. What about our existing tenants? We incentivise all our tenants to be great tenants with our quarterly tenant reward program which provides three tenants with $250 worth of gift cards each quarter again paid for by us! All the tenants have to do is pay their rent on time and have a great inspection for that quarter to go in the draw.
  • Thorough and Professional Inspection Reports
    • Next to the lease agreement, the condition report is arguably the most important document pertaining to the tenancy. The condition of your property literally rests in the quality and accuracy of this report. Without meticulous detail and careful choice of wording which our staff are trained to encompass into this report, you are leaving yourself open to huge risk of costly damages, cleaning and liability with limited opportunity for recourse. Our staff also conducts quarterly inspections of the property and are especially trained in identifying risks and liabilities and implementing preventative measures with your tenant. When you engage Xceed Real Estate, we take away a lot of the liability for you and ensure all the correct wording is used should you end up in court and rely on this document to recover money for damage.
  • Dedicated Leasing Team
    • Our leasing results are second to none. We challenge you to find an agency in Perth with a lower vacancy rate than Xceed Real Estate. We attribute our outstanding leasing results to our dedicated leasing team who are 100% committed to leasing your property. Traditional property management usually sees your property manager handle the leasing as well when your property becomes vacant. But with a portfolio of properties to manage, how can your property manager have the time to effectively market your property, keep tabs on the competition and also be readily available to attend any inspections that a potential tenant might request? Our leasing team are available to show your property any time, before work, after hours, on weekends, you name it! We also use a sophisticated back end booking software that allows potential tenants to book their own inspections for times and days that suit them! We find potential tenants often book inspections after hours when they have time to sit back and relax and scroll through properties online. If your property manager requires a phone call during business hours to book an inspection then chances are you will miss out, not to mention the inspection has to fit around your property managers already busy schedule with routine inspections and condition reports. Our leasing team can give 100% of their time, focus and resources to leasing your property and with a 24 hour application processing time guarantee.
  • Our People



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