Emergency After Hours Repairs


How do I know what is considered urgent maintenance?

Urgent repairs fall into two categories: essential services and other urgent repairs. A suitable repairer must be found within a reasonable timeframe. Essential services are listed in the Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989 and include repairs to:


  • A burst water service
  • Gas leaks
  • Broken hot water system
  • Sewerage leaks
  • Dangerous electrical faults


Other urgent repairs are not an essential service, but if not fixed might cause damage to the premises, injure a person or cause undue hardship or inconvenience to the tenant/s.

Per the residential tenancy Act, the landlord/lessor has 24 hours to do this if the repair is needed to a defined essential service, and 48 hours for any other urgent repair. The repair does not necessarily need to be fixed within this time but the lessor must make an appointment with the repairer to fix the problem. 

If your maintenance does not fall under the above categories, please report non-urgent maintenance here.


How do I report my urgent maintenance?

If your urgent maintenance falls under the above categories please immediately call (08) 9207 2088

- If your call is after-hours you will be put through to our paging service. Please leave a clear & detailed message, including your property address, Property Manager's name & clear details of the issue.

- If your call is during business hours our friendly reception team will be able to assist you with getting in contact with your Property Manager, please be ready to clearly describe your issue.


Locked out?

In the unfortunate event you find yourself locked out, outside of business hours, please contact a locksmith to assist you to get back in.

We recommend the following to assist you:

Lockworks - 0414 818 208 (Nick)

Lighthouse Locksmiths – 08 9455 3083

*Please note any costs involved in the event of a locksmith attending falls under tenant responsibility.

If you have locked yourself out during business hours, please call our office 08 9207 2088 and our friendly reception staff will assist you.


No power?

In the unfortunate event you find yourself without power, outside of business hours, please take the following steps before calling our after hours number.

1. Check Western Power website for outages in your area here.

2. Check the mains switch in your meter box is in the ON position, if the power continues to trip then it is possible an appliance is tripping the power.

 → Try unplugging all appliances, switching the mains switch to on and then one-by-one plugging each applicance back in, to determine which may be causing the power to trip.

If you have tried the above and are still without power, please call our office and leave a detailed message with our after-hours paging service.


No water / water leaking?

In the unfortunate event you find yourself without water, please take the following steps before calling our after-hours number.

1. Check the Water Corporation website for outages here.

2. If you have a water leak at the property, please turn the water off the meter. The meter is located at the front of the property. If you require assistance to locate your meter, check out this helpful video by our recommended plumbing company, Plumbing Bros, here.

3. If the water leak is on the road-side of the water meter, this must be reported to the Water Corporation immediately on 13 13 75 and cannot be repaired by your Property Manager.

4. If you find yourself without hot water and the system is a gas hot water system, please first check that the pilot light is lit. If you are not sure how to check this or how to re-light your pilot light, check out this helpful video by Plumbing Bros here.

5. If you notice a water leak, turn your water off at the mains when not in use and report to maintenance@xceedre.com.au and it will be tended to during business hours.


Break-in at the property?

In the unfortunate event your property has been broken into, please take the following measures, whilst trying to avoid the area of the break-in.

1. Contact the Police on their non-emergency line at 13 14 44

2. If you are provided with a Police Report number please ensure you keep this number safe as we may require it for Insurance Purposes

3. Please take any photos and pass any information including (if provided with) the Police Report Number to your Property Manager as soon as possible.

It is only necessary to contact your Property Manager after-hours in the event of a break-in if the property is no longer secure as a result of the break-in.


Western Australia Emergency Services:

Emergency (Fire, Ambulance, Police) - 000

Police (Non-emergency) - 13 14 44

Western Power - 13 13 51

Water Corporation - 13 13 75

State Emergency Services (SES) 132 500


Suppliers we’d recommend:


Plumbing Bro’s – 08 6263 0500

Super Service Plumbing & Gas – 0433 154 853

Swan’s Professional Plumbing- 1300 634 581

City Plumbing & Gas – 0449 788 875

On Tap Plumbing & Gas – 1800 882 249



Electrical Bro’s – 08 6263 0585

Bara Electrical – 08 6206 6899

All Hours Electrical – 08 9275 2839


Aircon Servicing/Maintenance:

WestOz Trades – 1300 112 665

Bara Electrical – 08 6206 6899