Robyn Lee

Robyn Lee

Investment Consultant

Having many years of experience working with rental properties across Perth, (reaching rents up to $1750 per week), Robyn should be on your list of people to call when you need your investment property managed!

Robyn works incredibly hard for her clients. Doesn’t shy away from a challenge or difficult situation and solves problems quickly and effectively. Robyn has a warm and engaging personality and is incredibly loyal which has enabled her to build some remarkable and long-lasting client relationships.

When you invite Robyn to appraise your investment property, expect not just a ‘price’ but a step-by-step bespoke process to maximise your returns and ensure your home is going to be looked after by doing things 'a little bit different from the rest’.

A real people person, Robyn takes the time to really listen and understand her client's situation to discover why investment is a path they wish to pursue.

Results-driven and service-focussed, Robyn doesn’t just help clients achieve their goals, she helps them Xceed them.

Fun Fact: Robyn is known for her sneezing – she can’t do less than 10 sneezes in a row (and yes it’s very dangerous when driving)!